Who is World Star SEO?

We are a Marketing company that works with anyone and everyone who has a dream of making their vision a success. We focus on (SEO) Search Engine Optimization. This is a process of ranking your website and/or business in Google, Bing, Yahoo, or any other search engine that your customer basis uses.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consists of many variables, the three known and publically discussed SEO tips are Content, Backlinks, and Citations. Content is On-site SEO, while Backlinks and Citations are what we call Off-site SEO.

What is Content?

Content is generally what your site consists of. Videos, Words, and Pictures are referred to as content. The more content you can provide, then the more you tend to be found for different types of keywords. As long as you can keep a relevant and educational topic then you can bet that search engines will love your site.

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are a form of off-site SEO, this is a little more tricky but in layman's terms, a backlink is a site linking back to your main site you want to rank. The more sites of higher quality and higher authority you have linking back, the more you will rank for the keywords of your target audience.

How do I know if I need SEO?

If you have desire to obtain more business or be placed in front of more eyes for your name, or any case that requires more traffic. SEO is always a great option. It is a way to naturally rank your website or your profile and generate a lot more people to your designated site. The best thing is that it will always be there and doesn't have a CPC (cost per click) like advertising does.

Whats the Cost?

The price is determined upon your own will to reach a goal faster or slower, we won't touch a project for any less than $500 / month. Even our smallest package is more valuable than 99% of other SEO companies. We truly emphasize putting value into our work. If you stick with us, it takes 3 - 6 months to reach front page results. (that's what we have to say, however results are typically faster)

Are there any limits to our reach?

Not when you are a World Star.